Lunakita: A Dog Log

First published: 2018

Revised edition: Early 2021

They say life begins at forty. Prior to that, things must come to an end.

At the age of thirty-nine, everything was going swimmingly for David Owen Green. Life, as he knew it, was tickety-boo. After raking in some cash from a PPI claim, David was able to clear his debts, flee the nest (for a third time), and follow a childhood dream of visiting New York, the birthplace of Spider-Man. And his good fortune didn’t end there...

When David’s rented property was put on the market, he fought, tooth and claw, to buy the place. And, six months later (with the help of divine intervention), David was a house-proud owner of a beautiful maisonette beside the river. He was a man living the dream.

However, as Echo & the Bunnymen once said; “Nothing lasts forever.” When one achieves great success that’s not the end of the story. There are, invariably, more battles to fight. Luke Skywalker will testify to this.

In David’s case, there was just one more vital ingredient to throw into the mix, in his quest for happiness. The cherry on the top of his cake, so to speak...

A dog.

Perhaps it was sheer coincidence, but it’s not long before David finds himself standing between the devil and the deep blue sea – drowning in a sea of debt, battling his demons, and high maintenance pooch.

Can David successfully navigate away from troubled waters, or will his dream life come to an abrupt, nightmarish end?

“You could have picked an easier dog!”

- The understatement of the 21st century