Luna C. Hill

My name is Luna C. Hill and I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Akita from Wood Green, the Animals Charity. Daddy adopted me in 2014, when I was a mere 10 months' old.

The last six-and-a-half years have been quite a challenge, but that will all be expanded upon in the books The Long Walk Home, Forever Home, and the Lunakita series that are all due for publication in 2021. Unless we're all wiped out by a plague of killer hornets or something.

My hobbies include stealing daddy's underwear, throwing my rawhide around the room, chasing my tail, and gazing out of the window like I'm experiencing an existential crisis.

Despite my age I'm infamous for my energy levels, that frequently go through the roof. It doesn't matter if I take a 30 minute walk or a three hour walk, I'll still be bouncing off the walls upon my arrival home.

Since being given up for adoption I've experienced some pretty severe separation anxiety. Daddy worked hard to help me quash that, but everything went out the window in March 2020, when he inexplicably decided to stay at home as much as he possibly could.

I know I can be a pain in the ass at times, but I'm very appreciative of daddy for sticking by me all these years. It seems that every other human that's cared for me has walked away, so he's either as solid as a rock or a glutton for punishment.